Monday, November 4, 2019

Power Season 6, Episode 10, Who Shot Ghost - Cornbread's Notes, Thoughts, and Feelings

#PowerReview #PowerFans #Episode10 Ahight y'all should've had time to watch Episode 10 by now, so here's my weekly rundown.  #ManListen

1- Why is Ghost still calling Tariq “son?” He needs to start calling him “lil muthaphucka” exclusively. 

2- I love how the Attorney General talks to Saxe and kicks him out every time.

3- The new character, Uncle Gabe’s sudden recollection of “Jamie” escalated very quickly. So we learned that Ghost has a family lineage of owning a club huh? Interesting. Why didn’t he think to do that in the first place?

4- Ghost declaring his interest in, and making the move on Romona was unexpected. I thought she would crack first. Just like everything else recently, this infatuation escalated unreasonably quickly, even though it is about 4 episodes too late.  They should've been smashing by now! 

5- Both Ghost and Tasha fall in love easily and get reckless with their love immediately. Ghost slobbing Ramona down in the middle of the banquet was ridiculous.  Everybody has constantly talked about how Tasha is always falling for every guy that shows interest, and Ghost is just as "easy."  Romona flashed her lil smile and now this dude wants to be the PREZ-O-DENT! lmao

6- “I release you from our marriage” is another good line from Ghost that goes along with “Have whatever type of day you’re going to have” as great one-liners.

7- Ghost roasted the hell out if Tate when Tate pulled up to the club to “warn” him lol SHEESH! What the hell?  Then he walked upstairs and fried Dre with the “helpless lil bitch” line. Geez. He was going super-hard. No cut cards, and no fux to give anymore!  I though Tate was going to swing on him, and I was sad that he didn't.  They need to have at least a wrestling match.

8- That shootout at the Tommy and Ghost meetup at the pier was random as hell. So, during the shootout, Tommy just runs into the gunfire blindly into the warehouse, and disappeared into thin air and the shooters just left and the shootout was over?! What in the world?! I then Ghost was just like ahight bet, let me get back to my meeting? LMAO.  The writers are wilding!  Who was that dead in the warehouse?

9- I knew that eventually the AG would be put in a situation where he had to get on board with the Wild Goose Chase for Ghost with Saxe. *Rolls Eyes* We'll never get rid of Saxe... Eh-VER!

10- Why does Tasha have that exaggerated new walk? It looks stank as hell lmao.

11- Wayment. Who the hell told Tasha that Ghost was going to snitch on Tariq? Ghost would NEVER! He still loves and has hope for Tariq’s silly ungrateful ass! However, Ghost saying that Tariq should confess is a HORRIBLE idea. Would he really want his son being the center of a murder investigation while he’s campaigning and/or serving as Lieutenant Governor? Totally not a good idea Casper!

12- All of these characters are bi-polar. Last episode Tariq threatened Ghost’s life and said “you’re not my father,” but this episode he’s saying he expects Ghost to honor his “promise” (AS A FATHER) of going down for Ray Ray's murder?! Boy if you don’t get the entire phuck outta here! You said you wanted to be THE MAN and a Dope Boy and Thug, don’t be scared now!

13- Why is Raina’s spirit 17+ years old? LOL.  They have these child-actors playing roles that are like 5-10 years younger than they are in real life/ seem believable.  They got that Lifetime TV casting director lol.

14- Maybe Ghost got his nickname from being a medium that’s able to communicate with the spirits because he’s always talking to ghosts.  Lil Ouija should be his name.

15- I can’t believe Dre is STILL in play. I hate it here!

16- So at first I didn’t believe that Ghost really got shot. I felt like it was a figurative death or a dream sequence, that will see him snap out of on the first episode in January.  I'm not sure now.  If he did actually get shot, I would guess that Tariq shot him because Tariq came back to give him the "one last chance" to change his mind, like Ghost said that he gave his victim.  Further, even if Ghost is shot for real, I don't think he'll die instantly.  Other than that I got nothing for what they could be thinking. Lastly I think somebody else will get shot in the club as a result of everybody getting there with guns at the same damn time.

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