Monday, January 20, 2020

Power Season 6, Episode 13 "It's All Your Fault", Cousin Cornbread Notes and Commentary

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1 – I like how Elisa Marie wasn’t having that BS about Uncle Benny being missing.  She’s the only kid on the show that acts her apparent age, and maybe even a little bit older, but definitely not younger like they had Yas and Cash acting; OH, and former NY Yankee A-Rod from Episode 12 acting like a young teen, as Angie’s nephew.

2 – Tommy’s mom reminds me of my mama with the combination of making legit points, mixed in with foolery and ratchedness lol.  She ran down some good points about why Ghost wouldn’t have killed Lakeisha, but at the same time we know that Ghost ALSO shot up Tommy’s car and tried to kill him in the ambulance too lol.  #Balance

3 – I really like the new Italian Aunt, she’s a hard ass and ain’t going for shyt!  I’m glad that she didn’t buy Tariq’s BS about not knowing Tommy and Ghost.  Tariq’s emotional range is -3.

4 – I’m glad that Tommy got that evidence bag and found out that Tasha killed LaKeisha instead of Ghost.  That confrontation in Tasha’s apartment was intense.  Even though I knew that he wasn’t going to shoot her, I wasn’t totally SURE sure; and that’s crazy because the story line clearly shows them being alive together later after Ghost gets shot.  Good job by the actors and production team on that scene.

5 – I’m glad that they showed us some more detail about that warehouse shootout, with Ghost and Tommy, but it was still mad random that Cedric The Entertainer was in there shot up lmao.  We REALLY really need answers on why Cedric The Entertainer is after Ghost and Tommy LMAO.

Also, did Ghost have that Superman spiral curl bang in the original scene? lol

6 – Elisa Marie is coming through in the clutch.  She knows how to play the game and give the right answers.  Tommy don’t want that smoke from the mafia.  Good tie back by the writers on that.  Now THAT would make perfect sense for him to have to skip town. Bravo.

7 – Yo they edited that Paz-and-Tommy loft scene to include him mentioning Ghost and they took out the part where Tommy said he would call the cops. Damnit I wish I didn’t pay attention to detail, because those lil subtle things made a difference in the original scene.

8 – It’s wild that Elisa Marie was in the car having a heart-to-heart with the guy that killed her father AND her uncle.  I’m glad that he took her back home and didn’t kill her! Lawwrd.

9 – Tariq is the absolute worst!  Tommy tries to reason with him with real-life examples of how their stories mesh and how he regrets the hate that he had for his dad, but Tariq’s randomly scorned ass is hell-bent on hating Ghost.  If the plan is to setup a spinoff with Tariq as the head, I will NEVER watch it, off of GP.
10 – The shootout scene with Vincent and the crew was one of the best action scenes that Tommy has had in a while.

11 – Who THEE FUK did Tommy look up at upstairs?!  Clearly Tariq right?  Ghost died still trying to protect Tariq’s bobble-head ass smh.  Again, if I see the actor in real life at Chick Fil A or Starbucks, I’m swinging on him.  Dead ass B!

12 – Why did Tommy’s mama fry him like that about wanting to be like Ghost? She’s disrespectful as hell.

13 – I KNEW GHOST left Tommy some money or something!  I called it in my last review! #CornbreadKnows. Fixing up his car as an apology for trying to murder him was very nice lol.  He had to have left him some money too no?

14 – That shot in Spanky’s eye was the quickest and most accurate shot ever!

15 – I had anxiety while Tommy drove off.  I was sure some random car was about to pull up full of Italians blasting! Lawwrd #TheStress

Ahight that’s all I got folks! Till next time, y’all be easy, and don’t drink and drive, you might spill some. #LogAwt

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