Monday, October 14, 2019

Power Season 6, Episode 8, Notes, Thoughts and Feelings

Power Season 6, Episode 8, Notes, Thoughts and Feelings
1- Tariq is STILL hella disrespectful to Ghost for no reason. He’s right back to the bullshyt and plotting on ways to submarine his own dad, and it came out big time with that exchange about Ghost running for political office. Smh. He’s the worst! I know Tasha kinda gave up on him being a good kid, and has opted to teach him the business instead, but I think that he's not beyond stabbing her in the back eventually too. She knows he's messy and vengeful so it's mid-key a risk to teach him the business in my opinion. I'm still steadfastly holding my position that they just need to take him out and move to Cuba, where The Serb can't find them, and live happily ever-after. Just move to Cuba and make a whole new son or two. Why try to work with this one? Or, don't take him out, but just leave him to fend for himself with "Uncle" Tommy, and let him live out his dream of becoming Kanan. Either way, fawk this lil bama!

2- This Saxe and Blanca clique-up is good for the storyline. Frienemies working together and back-stabbing each other is consistent with every other relationship on the show.

3- I’m glad the DA didn’t even hear what Saxe had to say about Ghost and Tommy tying him up, and left his status as fired! However, because Saxe is back in play via Blanca, the fingerprints Ghost left all over Saxe’s apartment will somehow come back later in my opinion.  Ghost is still being more sloppy than usual this season.

4- I like the invisible boss plan that Tasha and Tariq have for the teacher, but who in the world accepts work from people that can break in your trunk and drop off mad drugs? Lol.  Lawwrd, he’s going to be too hot though because his teacher salary won’t match his sudden ability to pay off all of his debt and “the Feds is watching!”

5- What’s the real significance of the glass Blanca got? Ghost was already in jail. Don’t they already have his prints and mouth swab DNA info on file or nah?

6- RIP Keisha.  Tasha ends up executing Keisha in another very unrealistic struggle scenario created by the writers.  All season Keisha teetered on being converted to a go-hard street chick, Killah Keisha who was bout dat life and saying things like "I'll kill Ghost MYSELF", to the Krying Keisha who was scared when the police pulled up at the daycare; so her running for the gun after Tasha snatched the keys was weird, but it got the job done theatrically.  The crazy thang about it is that Tommy and Keisha’s relationship was soooo forced that I’m mid-key glad that we don’t have to watch it anymore. I wish her silly ass would’ve just took Ghost’s payoff money like I said before. Even though she OD’d on the booty shots/fat transfers this year, she was at least some good eye candy😩. Now Cash’s goofy Kris Kross looking ass will have to grow up motherless smh!

7- Dre and Tariq done got ANOTHER person killed. Smh. If Dre never snitched, Tasha would’ve never went to the house thinking that Tariq’s dumb ass was in danger of being exposed. Further, how Saxe continues to be relevant is so irritating smh.

8- Tate shutting down the Queens Child Project after losing his campaign support should’ve been something Ghost anticipated would happen. What was the upside to him setting up Tate with that mic trick? I’m confused. Y'all let me know what the point of that was..please!

Random Note:
When Ghost told Blanca,“Have whatever kind of day you’re going to have,” that was a great walk-off / drop-the-mic type of salutation, and I will incorporate that into my ways to exit conversations going forward.  #GhostTaughtMe


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